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Horseback Riding to Xunantunich

Duration of Tour is Approximately 4-5 hours

Tour Description:

Your journey to explore the ancient Mayan ruins of Xunantunich on horseback commences upon your rendezvous with both your guide and equine companion at the St. Leonard’s. Once you have your helmet fitted you will be briefed about horseback riding by your wrangler. You then depart and learn about the history of the farm, its numerous classic period structures, your horse as well as spot some of the tropical birds on the farm. You then join a quiet riverside trail that follows the ancient Mopan river that itself was a key trade route used by the ancient Maya.

Shortly after entering the village of San Jose Succotz you will dismount as you lead your horse on to the ferry as you cross the river. Once back on your horse it's a final 15 minute trek through the archeological reserve up the mayan ruins themselves where you dismount again.


At this point your horse will enjoy a short siesta as you clamber up the monumental structures left behind by the ancient Maya. While your guide shows you around the classic period pyramids, ballcourts and temples, you will also learn about the history of this unique site. You will also learn how the surface sites are connected to the numerous cave systems found in the Cayo district. Equally enjoyable are the stunning forests and its connection to both historic and modern Belize.


The final part of your tour involves horseback riding along the trails that brought you to Xunantunich. With good fortune you will spot more wildlife on your way back. Animals you are likely to see are green iguanas, brown basilisks, spiny tailed iguanas and even howler monkeys.

All riders are encouraged to mount their horses independently or with minimal assistance. The price of the excursion covers the entrance fee, purified water, as well as convenient pickup and drop-off services to and from San Ignacio town. We suggest wearing comfortable long pants and suitable footwear for both riding and walking. This adventure is not advised for individuals with significant back issues, or expectant mothers. Please note that hotels or resorts outside San Ignacio Town may incur an additional fee depending on their location.


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