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Xunantunich & Cave-tubing

Duration of Tour is Approximately 8-10 hours

Tour Description:

For those in search of an extraordinary day filled with activities, our tour offers an unparalleled experience that has earned high praise on review sites. Start atop the commanding views atop El Castillo to floating in an incredible cave system, you'll trace the steps of ancient civilization that crafted the awe-inspiring Maya structures, with Xunantunich standing as the jewel in the Mopan River Valley.

Explore the monumental structures of Xunantunich against the backdrop of stunning countryside, immersing yourself in the secrets of this ancient civilization. Following this enriching experience, indulge in the luxury of an authentic Belizean lunch.

After refueling, brace yourself for a relaxing interlude in a truly unique Belizean cave system, enhancing your adventure with a touch of exclusivity.

Dive into a distinctive aqua adventure as you float downstream through a breathtaking turquoise river in a cave tubing experience like no other. Your journey commences with a 20-minute hike, crossing the Caves Branch River, where the sights and sounds of the lowland broad-leaf tropical forest surround you. Once afloat, witness the exotic cave formations that make this adventure truly exceptional.

Choose our top-rated tour for a premium blend of history, adventure, and relaxation. Your extraordinary day awaits!

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