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Amazing Xunantunich Mayan ruins and Cave tubing adventure

Your day will begin with an early morning pick up as we strive to enjoy the ancient Mayan ruins of Xunantunich in the morning solitude. Your guide will share with you the

many insights into the monumental structures such as El Castillo

as well as the ballcourts, altars and stelae of these late classic period ruins.

You will also climb to the very top of one of the largest Mayan structures and get a stunning view of the surrounding countryside with amazing views of the Maya mountains to the south.

After Xunantunich you take a 45-minute drive to the incredible Jaguar Paw archeological reserve. At the park you will be suited up with your headlights and lifejackets, you then begin exploring a dry cave as

you walk through the rainforest and endless karst formations with many artifacts left behind by the ancient Maya.

Your action-packed day exploring a cave system continues with a 30-minute trek through the jungle before getting on to your tubes as you float downstream into the cave system. At the halfway point you will hop off and witness gorgeous cave pools and experience a unique detour further into the cave

and 2 hours later you will exit the first cave. You will then get some delicious local food before driving back to your hotel.

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