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3 Amazing Under the Radar Attractions at Xunantunich

The Forest

While the main plaza and structures are the primary focus of many visitors, the natural surroundings of Xunantunich are really worth the effort of exploring. The site is located within a lush, jungle environment, offering opportunities for birdwatching and experiencing the flora and fauna of the area. Take a moment to wander the trails and appreciate the natural beauty surrounding the archaeological site.

The Tut rooms

Also known as the graffiti rooms, they are named after a long-standing local excavator. These rooms are not open to the public, but your guide will likely have images to give an insight into these unique discoveries. The rooms are covered in graffiti likely written by young trainee scribes and gives a unique insight into the daily sights and images they witnessed.



As opposed to the general forest, there are numerous trees surrounding the site that provide a great insight into the lives of the ancient Maya. Avocado, Mamey, Kinep, Ramon, Tuki, Abalche and many other, likely unfamiliar fruit trees can be found at the site. All of these trees are part of the cultivated forest gardens, so essential for the ancient Maya. Many other non-edible tree species are also found at the site that were key to the ancient civilization’s wellbeing. 

Exploring these less-visited attractions at Xunantunich can provide a more intimate and enriching experience, allowing you to connect with the history and environment of the site in a unique way.

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