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Farm Ride & Big Rock Waterfalls

Duration of Tour is Approximately 6-7 hours

Tour Description:

This riding tour will take you down to the Mopan River.  Along the way you are likely to see many birds such as parrots, Kiskadees and herons, as well as experience the sights and smells of the many trees that adorn the fields. This  horse riding tour is fit for any rider level: first time rider, amateur/novice rider and expert rider since our horses are trained horses and our experienced wranglers have the experience and knowledge to assist and guide any level rider. This shared tour is an easy gentle pace; generally 2 riders but at times 4 – 6 riders; perfect for families of 4 – 8.


After your farm ride you will be more than happy to have your driver/guide drive you to the spectacular Big Rock Falls (approx 45mins drive) with private natural pools and waterfalls in a perfect cozy valley all to yourself. Plummeting just over 100 feet, this is a swimmers paradise.

Enjoy your homemade meal and happily enjoy the warm granite rocks after a refreshing dip in the beautiful pools of the Big Rock Waterfalls – don’t want to swim, no problem, just sit and enjoy the nice setting while you enjoy the nice warm sun or cool weather.

Things to bring: long sleeves, comfortable long pants, sun block, bug spray and suitable footwear.

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